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PRODUCT LIST                 (L - Liquid, G - Granular, P - Powder)

Biological Inoculants

  • Soil and Plant Tonic       L (Liquid Biological Inoculant)
  • OziVerm                         G (Biologically Rich Vermicompost (Worm Castings)

Biofoods & Stimulants

  • BioGrow                          L (3.0K, 15% Humic acid, 3% Fulvic acid plus Kelp)
  • Deep Sea Liquid Kelp      L (0.06N, 0.02P, 0.2K, 0.2Ca, 0.15Mg, 0.16S + T/E, amino & vitamins)
  • Deep Sea Kelp Powder    P (100% Soluble Concentrated Kelp Powder)
  • Root Max                         L Includes Kelp & Saponin (a plant steroid & natural soil wetter)
  • PhotoBor                         L High Carbohydrate source to supplement impaired photosythesis
  • FulVik Liquid                   L (6% Fulvic acid, 2% Organic acids)
  • FulVik Powder                 P (70% Fulvic acid, 5% Humic acid includes 2N & 18K)
  • Liquid Fish                       L (5N, 0.7P, 1.05K plus trace minerals & 16% Protein)
  • Liquid Humate                 L (0.3N, 5K, 0.2Ca, 0.1S, 0.5Fe plus 26% Humic acid)
  • Humi-K Soluble Humate  G (9K plus 70% Humic & Fulvic acids - 45% Carbon)

Nutrients & Trace Elements


  • CMB Trio                        L (17Ca, 4Mg, 0.1B, 12.1N, 0.45K, 1.1Na with fulvic acid and 19% Kelp)
  • Super K                          L (35K)
  • Micro Cal                       L (40Ca)
  • Micro Gyp                      L (19Ca, 15S)
  • Micro Cal Mag                L (20Ca, 10Mg)
  • Micro Mag                      L (20Mg)
  • Micro Phos                     L (10P, 26Ca)
  • Brix Builder                   L (4.2N, 14.3P, 3.5K, 4.3Ca)
  • BioFert                           L (7.6Ca, 1.8Mg, 0.05B, 5.4N, 0.24K + beneficial microbes)
  • BorMax                          L (4.8B)
  • Manganese Fulvate       L (11Mn, 1K, 7S, 0.6N also contains Fulvic Acid & Kelp)
  • OC KP                            P (36K, 17P)
  • OC Calcium                    P (20Ca)
  • OC Boron                       P (17B)
  • Trace Seven                   L (3Fe, 1Mn, 2Zn, 0.5Cu, 0.75B, 0.12Mo, 0.5N, 2K, 0.6Mg, 4S, 0.3Si + 3C)

Sundry (Insects, Disease, Salinity)

  • NemaGo Plus C      L Deterrent for root feeding nematodes
  • BiSect C                 L Insect deterrent based on Neem and organic oils
  • TriGuard C              L Nematode deterrent Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Neem
  • BioPhos                L Potassium Phophites (15P, 22K) for fungal control
  • Toughen Up          L Liquid Potassium silicate
  • Leach                    L A remedial product for salinity and high bicarbonate soils
  • Nature Wet           L Natural surfactant (wetting agent)

Diagnostic Services

  • Soil Chemistry            Total and Plant Available Nutrient Analysis
  • Sap Analysis                pHBrix, CalciumNitrate & Potassium.
  • Soil Biology                 Complete Analysis of Soil Biology
  • Nematodes                  Beneficial, Predatory and Root Feeding Nematodes
  • Tissue                          Complete with NAR Analysis