PRODUCT LIST                 (L - Liquid, G - Granular, P - Powder)

Biological Inoculants

Soil and Plant Tonic        L (Liquid Biological Inoculant)
OziVerm                          G (Biologically Rich Vermicompost (Worm Castings)
GranoVerm                     G (Granulated Worm Castings)

Biofoods & Stimulants

BioGrow                          L (3.0K, 15% Humic acid, 3% Fulvic acid plus Kelp)
Deep Sea Liquid Kelp       L (0.06N, 0.02P, 0.2K, 0.2Ca, 0.15Mg, 0.16S + trace, amino acids and vitamins)
Deep Sea Kelp Powder    P (100% Soluble Concentrated Kelp Powder)
Root Max                         L A Super Kelp includes Saponin a plant steroid & natural soil wetter
PhotoBor                         L
High Carbohydrate source to supplement impaired photosythesis

FulVik Liquid                    L (6% Fulvic acid, 2% Organic acids)
FulVik Powder                 P (70% Fulvic acid, 5% Humic acid includes 2N & 18K)
Liquid Fish                       L (5N, 0.7P, 1.05K plus trace minerals & 16% Protein)

Liquid Humate                 L (0.3N, 5K, 0.2Ca, 0.1S, 0.5Fe plus 26% Humic acid)
Humi-K Soluble Humate   G (9K plus 70% Humic & Fulvic acids - 45% Carbon)

Nutrients & Trace Elements

Soilsafe Mend                G (10N, 2P, 9K, 4S, 7Ca, 1Mg, 2 Si plus trace minerals & 11% Carbon)
Soilsafe Activated P       P (9P, 16Ca, 0.3N, 0.5K, 1S, 1Mg, 13Si plus trace minerals & 6% Carbon)
Cal Phos Granules         G (9Ca, 7P complexed with humates)

Cal Shuttle                     L (9.6Ca, 7.3N, 0.2K plus trace minerals)
CMB Trio                       L (17Ca, 4Mg, 0.1B, 12.1N, 0.45K, 1.1Na with fulvic acid and 19% Kelp)
Super K                         L (35K)
Micro Cal                       L (40Ca)
Micro Gyp                      L (19Ca, 15S)
Micro Cal Mag                L (20Ca, 10Mg)
Micro Mag                      L (20Mg)
Micro Phos                     L (10P, 26Ca)

OC KP                            P (36K, 17P)
OC Calcium                    P (20Ca)
OC Boron                       P (17B)

Trace Seven                   L (3Fe, 1Mn, 2Zn, 0.5Cu, 0.75B, 0.12Mo, 0.5N, 2K, 0.6Mg, 4S, 0.3Si + 3% Carbon)

Sundry (Insects, Disease, Salinity)

NemaGo Plus        L Deterrent for root feeding nematodes
BiSect                   L Insect deterrent based on Neem and organic oils
TriGuard               L Nematode deterrent Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Neem

BioPhos                L Potassium Phophites (15P, 22K) for fungal control

Toughen Up          L Liquid Potassium silicate
Leach                    L A remedial product for salinity and high bicarbonate soils
Nature Wet           L Natural surfactant (wetting agent)

Diagnostic Services

Soil Biology                 Complete Analysis of Soil Biology
Nematodes                  Beneficial, Predatory and Root Feeding Nematodes
Soil Chemistry             Total and Available Nutrient Analysis
Tissue                          Complete with NAR Analysis
Sap Analysis                pH, Brix, Nitrate & Potassium.